Slot Calendar and Process

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Calendar and Process of Coordination


The scheduling calendar is based, not on the civil year, but on two scheduling seasons, Summer and Winter, defined as follows:

  • IATA Summer Season - starts on the last Sunday of March and ends on the last Saturday of October
  • IATA Winter Season - starts on the last Sunday of October and ends on the last Saturday of March
For each season, predetermined steps rule the process of coordination:
  • Distribution of SHL (Slot Historical List)
  • Submission deadline for receiving SCR
  • Distribution of SAL (Slot Allocation List)
  • IATA Scheduling Conference
  • Slot Handback  Deadline
  • Handling of Ad-hoc flights
  • Start of Season
  • End of Season


Calendar of activities

WINTER 2018 (W18)                                         Activities   SUMMER 2019 (S19)
23APR 2018
SHL Deadline 10SEP2018
10MAY 2018
Agreed Historics Deadline 27SEP 2018
17MAY 2018
Initial Submission Deadline 04OCT 2018
  05JUN 2018
Appointments calendar opened to Coordinators   30OCT 2018
 07JUN 2018
SAL Deadline  01NOV 2018
11JUN 2018
Appointments calendar opened to Operators 05NOV 2018
19-21JUN 2018
IATA Slot Conference 13-16NOV 2018
15AUG 2018
Slot Return Deadline (SRD) 15JAN2019
31JAUG 2018
Historics Baseline Date (HBD) 31JAN 2019
25OCT 2018
Start of the season 31JMAR2019